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2012 Fraternity Men Calendar - Click to enlarge
2012 Fraternity Men Calendar - Click to enlarge

Fraternity Men 2012 Calendar

2012 Fraternity Men Calendar. Have you ever wondered what those hot collegiate boys are up to when they're not in class? Well now is your chance! We've gathered an amazing collection of photography featuring the hottest guys from Jet Set Men, and they're showing off everything they have and more! These boys are stripping down completely for your pleasure and mine. Make me want to go back to collage to see all the new Hot and sexy fraternity men, Wow this calendar is sure to pleasure you.

With month after month of our Fraternity Men, you'll want to be hazed by each and every one of these handsome young naked pledges! Features popular models including Landon Mycles, Jesse Santana and Brent Corrigan. Don't delay, get yours today

2012 Fraternity Men Calendar
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