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Male Body Torso on Stand Statue - click to enlarge
Male Body Torso on Stand Statue - click to enlarge

Male Body Torso on Stand Statue

Male torso body sculpture, he is sitting on a black stand. Fashinable and Unique design; fashion forward for the Art of today with body nudes. This sculpture features a bronze male figuring entirely naked from hips to neck; with spectacular muscle attributes that are sure to arouse on display. Great work of nude art and realizime. Statues measures approx. 14 3/8" high and comes in a studio colletion box. Great for the collecter to display at home or work. Made from poly-resin and bronze (real bronzze used). It will likely capture the attention of many of your friends. Style US-980

US-WU71980R4Compare at: $103.00Our price: $52.39

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