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POWERTOOL - Jeff Stryker - Click to enlarge
POWERTOOL - Jeff Stryker - Click to enlarge

POWERTOOL - Jeff Stryker - DVD

POWERTOOL. The movie that made JEFF STRYKER an international superstar is now available in a special 20th Anniversary Edition. This restored and remastered John Travis Blockbuster holds the title of Best-Selling All Male Adult video of all time. Our edition contains 3 bonus segments : Behind the scenes, the making of Powertool, Jeff Stryker : The Early Years, and a solo performance by Jeff Stryker. The One...The Only...POWERTOOL.. A pre-condom classic. C1-CV04068-DVD

Studio: Catalina Video

Director: John Travis

Cast List: Tony Bravo, Jeff Converse, John Davenport, Brian Estevez, Michael Gere, Tony Marino, Tom Mitchell, Gary Owen, Danny Russo, Jeff Stryker

POWERTOOL - Jeff Stryker
C1-CV00689-DVDCompare at: $41.00Our price: $18.75

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