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Erotic Nude Male Angel Sculpture - click to enlarge
Erotic Nude Male Angel Sculpture - click to enlarge

Erotic Nude Male Angel Sculpture

White Winged Nude Male Angel Kneeling with Hands Holding Heads. Another collectible nude angel from Studio Collections. This angel is featured kneeling down with hands over head and stunning wings covering his body, while still showing off the specular body and physic of the Angel. Statue is made from Poly Resin and designed to look like white marble. Statue is approx. 6 1/4" in height and stunningly beautiful to look at. Great as a featured Angel on a collectable wall at home or office. Make a great gift for weddings, birthdays and much more. Grab this statue and take a look at all the other wonderful and beautiful collections available here for you to see and purchase at great increadible prices. Style 76019AA

US-WU76019AACompare at: $54.00Our price: $29.89

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